🏉Aussie Rules Live Betting: High Odds & Live Results🏉

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The following are some of the most popular match markets for Australian Football.

Over and Under Game Total

A team can win six or a single point when kicking the ball across the yards of a field. Most teams can earn 70 points and even pass the hundredth mark. Bet on whether a game’s total points will be higher or lower the given score of the sportsbook.

Spread Bets / Handicap

You can place your wager in the crowd favourite or on the underdog of the footy. Instead of winning the game, the crowd favourite must beat the underdog by the given points. If the game was won by the underdog or the points they lost was lower than the given points, the underdog stakes win.

Winning Margin

Wager for the specific margin of victory that either side can have against the other. This bet allows a range of margins like 1-10, 11-19 and more.

First Scorer

Punters wager on who can score the first goal of the match.

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